I hate Waiting!

I'm here at the waiting room at my mom's Dr's office right now. I don't mind waiting but I don't get it why do we have to wait like almost an hour here when my mom's appoint is 3:00pm. I wanna go to the mall soon so that we can go home early tonight. I don't really plan to stay long at the mall. I'll only have to buy the important things on my list. Every time to go to this Dr we really have to wait. I so hate it especially that I suddenly don't feel good. I feel noxious and hungry. Its so weird because I was very fine until I got in the car earlier. If I don't have to buy the air purifier for my Uncle and the nail polish that one of the residents at work ask me to get,I wouldn't be out today. Although I'm very much grateful because I get to feel the fabulous weather outside. In fact I am able to wear a light clohes today. It just so awesome to have this kind of weather today:)

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Emzkie said...

ako gipahulat ug 2hours, nagyawyaw gud ko kay tom jones na tapos naa pa dyud akong mga anak. grabe gud to oi, 6pm ang appointment tapos mga 8 na ko gipasulod. gi rakrakan gud na ko ug akong machine gun nga baba. hahaha.. atay. lol