Lots of walking to do

It's only 6:13 in the morning here in Boston MA right now and my partner is still sounds asleep, he must be really tired from the activities we did yesterday. I couldn't sleep anymore longer because I am use to waking up at this early when I have work. Anyway, today is our second day here in Boston and I'm liking the weather here so far. Its not too cold, its actually better than i thought. Yesterday my man and I didn't waste time to roam around the downtown Boston. We went to a lot of place already. In Fact my hips and legs are still sore from all the walking we did yesterday, though we both had fun. And today we were planning to go see the freedom of trail and thats more walking to do. I am glad that I bring with me my very comfortable flat boots to comfort me while we were roaming around downtown. Now with all this walking we are doing. Do you think I will still be needing to take this adapexin-p? hmmp! I don't think so. I lost 5 pounds already when I weigh myself at work recently, but to those who wanted to wear a sexy pair of two piece this summer and needed a miracle to lose the extra pounds your carrying, then you'll definitely be needing this miracle diet pill.

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