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In more than 30 years we were so happy to finally found my long lost uncle ( my mom‘s older brother . I haven’t seen him ever since I born. My grandparents were so sad because they thought they will leave in this world and will not be able to see their 3rd child anymore. But faith brought the son and parents back together, while their oldest son at that time was also struggling with his health condition. My cousin found Uncle Rudy’s Son in face book, which is pretty interesting. After all those years? Facebook is the only fastest way and we found out that his been living in Manila and had his apartment business there.

Anyhow, Uncle Rudy stated to my mom while they were talking on the phone last night that his going to ask his family to move in Bohol, to be closer to my grandparents and will start a small retail business there. Now I believe that he must need to learn what POS systems so that his business will be successful. I believe that having a point of sale system is one of the most important steps in creating a successful business. I told my mom to tell him about this idea the next time she talks to him. I’m wishing him all the luck.

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Hazelicious929 said...

That's really nice Ayvs. Family is always a blessing.