A lAck of Sleep Giving Me Pimples

It's been two nights that I have been struggling to put myself to sleep. But tonight is the worst night because I did not get to sleep at all. It's already 3:36 in the morning right now and I haven't gotten any sleep yet. I am so annoyed and frustrated that all I'm doing is toss around the bed. I'm sure in the next few days I'll be dealing of an adult acne if this Insomnia keeps bugging me during the night. We all know that lack of sleep, also called sleep deprivation can lead to acne and other health issues, some extremely serious. Gosh! I really don't know what happen to me tonight but I'm so desperate to get some good night sleep.

Tax Refund

Earlier on our way home it suddenly popped up in my mind about my taxes. So I asked papa Kevin again if he already filed it. He then asked me if I did not see all the papers he put in my computer desk. I hurried went to my bedroom and check the papers he was talking about. I am so happy to find out that I'll be receiving some money back. It is a good amount compared to what I got last year but definitely not enough to buy a dozen of ms70 gold eagle coins Lol! but it is a GOOD Amount to buy an airline ticket going to the Philippines, Yay! I can definitely go on a vacation to the Philippines next year.

Retail Business

In more than 30 years we were so happy to finally found my long lost uncle ( my mom‘s older brother . I haven’t seen him ever since I born. My grandparents were so sad because they thought they will leave in this world and will not be able to see their 3rd child anymore. But faith brought the son and parents back together, while their oldest son at that time was also struggling with his health condition. My cousin found Uncle Rudy’s Son in face book, which is pretty interesting. After all those years? Facebook is the only fastest way and we found out that his been living in Manila and had his apartment business there.

Anyhow, Uncle Rudy stated to my mom while they were talking on the phone last night that his going to ask his family to move in Bohol, to be closer to my grandparents and will start a small retail business there. Now I believe that he must need to learn what POS systems so that his business will be successful. I believe that having a point of sale system is one of the most important steps in creating a successful business. I told my mom to tell him about this idea the next time she talks to him. I’m wishing him all the luck.

I hate Waiting!

I'm here at the waiting room at my mom's Dr's office right now. I don't mind waiting but I don't get it why do we have to wait like almost an hour here when my mom's appoint is 3:00pm. I wanna go to the mall soon so that we can go home early tonight. I don't really plan to stay long at the mall. I'll only have to buy the important things on my list. Every time to go to this Dr we really have to wait. I so hate it especially that I suddenly don't feel good. I feel noxious and hungry. Its so weird because I was very fine until I got in the car earlier. If I don't have to buy the air purifier for my Uncle and the nail polish that one of the residents at work ask me to get,I wouldn't be out today. Although I'm very much grateful because I get to feel the fabulous weather outside. In fact I am able to wear a light clohes today. It just so awesome to have this kind of weather today:)

Lots of walking to do

It's only 6:13 in the morning here in Boston MA right now and my partner is still sounds asleep, he must be really tired from the activities we did yesterday. I couldn't sleep anymore longer because I am use to waking up at this early when I have work. Anyway, today is our second day here in Boston and I'm liking the weather here so far. Its not too cold, its actually better than i thought. Yesterday my man and I didn't waste time to roam around the downtown Boston. We went to a lot of place already. In Fact my hips and legs are still sore from all the walking we did yesterday, though we both had fun. And today we were planning to go see the freedom of trail and thats more walking to do. I am glad that I bring with me my very comfortable flat boots to comfort me while we were roaming around downtown. Now with all this walking we are doing. Do you think I will still be needing to take this adapexin-p? hmmp! I don't think so. I lost 5 pounds already when I weigh myself at work recently, but to those who wanted to wear a sexy pair of two piece this summer and needed a miracle to lose the extra pounds your carrying, then you'll definitely be needing this miracle diet pill.

I Like This

I believe the last time I went to the salon to have my hair cut was 3 months ago. My hair is growing fast and I'm kinda bored of it. I really wanted to get another haircut when I went to the Galleria Mall last weekend but I had no enough time. Hopefully before my vacation I'll be able to have a haircut and I would want the style like the one in the Attach picture, though I want my bangs a bit shorter.

His Demand

Sometimes my brother makes me upset because he will only communicate with me whenever he needs something from me. I tried to understand him most of the time, but it's just so upsetting when we need him we couldn't reach him.

Days ago he was sending me offline messages to my YM and facebook but I tried to avoid him to give him lessons but I felt so guilty so I replied his messages, but only to find out that he needs something from me. He wanted me to get him this ps3 bundles. I was so annoyed when he dictated me all his wants.

I don't know what he thinks? were sleeping in a bed of money here in America? Life here in America ain't easy if we don't work like a Carabao. Though, sometimes I also I just calm myself since I know how lonely he is there since were too far away from him. Oh well, I hope he will be with us here in America soon, if God's permit.

The Sexiest and Pretiest Woman For Me

What do you think of Thalia? Gosh! since I was young I adored her so much, I was addicted to her shows that has been dubbed in tagalog. She is simply beautiful and sexy. Just look at that attach picture above. Don't we all wish to get a waistline like hers? I wonder if taking and maintaining this what they called conjugated linoleic acid (cla) supplement would give me miracle to have the waistline that I desire just like Thalia Lol! I don't know how she become so lucky to have a beautiful face and a very sexy body that we all wish to have. Aight! I'm so jealous of her.

Where Are You Sleep?

Dang! Here we go again! I really hate it when I have trouble in sleeping. Last night I went to bed around 1am. I worked double shifts so I got home at around 11:00. I was really worn out. Though I had to stay up a little bit later because I had to take shower, then dry my hair. It really didn't bother me that I stayed late last night since its my day off today. So I slept till 9:30 morning which might be the cause why I don't feel sleepy right now. This is one thing I really hate when I get a day of cause when I choose to stay in bed during the day, I get trouble sleeping during the night too! Its sounds crazy doesn't it?

I feel stupid!

During my lunch break at work today my co-worker and I drove to the nursing uniforms store near by at our work place. I feel so stupid rushing to the store with no money. I only realized when I was about to pay the items that I chooses. I couldn’t borrow money to my friend because she already did enough favor for me for going with me to the store. We also skipped lunch just to get to the store and buy the uniform that I promised to my friend Analyn who live in Texas and also working in a health care facilities.

Yikes! if didn’t rush too much I could have remember to bring my wallet. Oh well, better luck next time. Maybe I’ll just go back to the store after payday so that I can also get myself some new uniforms since the ones I’ve had are fading already and they don’t look so pleasant anymore.