His Demand

Sometimes my brother makes me upset because he will only communicate with me whenever he needs something from me. I tried to understand him most of the time, but it's just so upsetting when we need him we couldn't reach him.

Days ago he was sending me offline messages to my YM and facebook but I tried to avoid him to give him lessons but I felt so guilty so I replied his messages, but only to find out that he needs something from me. He wanted me to get him this ps3 bundles. I was so annoyed when he dictated me all his wants.

I don't know what he thinks? were sleeping in a bed of money here in America? Life here in America ain't easy if we don't work like a Carabao. Though, sometimes I also I just calm myself since I know how lonely he is there since were too far away from him. Oh well, I hope he will be with us here in America soon, if God's permit.

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